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The Weaverville Tribune :: Leicester Leader

This week’s headlines


Commissioners face residents


Leicester - Citizens For Change held a meeting at the Leicester Community Center Monday (July 9) where 3 Buncombe County Commissioners attended. The meeting was open to everyone. Citizens were concerned about high taxes, the sheriff’s race and more.


Republican candidate for sheriff Shad Higgins was expected to be there, but was recovering from arm surgery. Commissioners Joe Belcher, Robert Presley and Mike Fryar were in attendance. Belcher said, “Shad is a great guy but I’ll tell you how his opponent got elected. He got elected by the left and if that is what you want to run law enforcement in the county we better all go vote.” Read more...


Last Week’s Headlines


Erwin grad

still causing paranormal waves



Las Vegas, NV - Paranormal researcher and Erwin High School graduate Joshua Warren claims he has document a time warp, which he found near the city of Las Vegas. Warren said he has been measuring the rate of time all over the area between Las Vegas and the top secret Air Force site known as Area 51. Read more...


Past Headlines



Shooting injures two ends in arrests



The  Buncombe  County  Sheriff’s  Office  deputies  responded  to  an  incident  in  the  Mack  Angel  Drive  area  of  Leicester  on  Monday,  June  25,  after  receiving  a  report  of  two  subjects  that  had  been  shot.  Read more...

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