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Weaverville Tribune Breaking News

Local men developing emergency power unit

By James Matthews


A new gadget, created by a local inventor may be on it’s way to the patent office and then into a home near you.

Sam Evangelou, known as being the man behind the pizzas and sub sandwiches from the Pizzeria in Weaverville, has developed what is being called the A/C Power Box, a device capable of running a normal LED lightbulb, an emergency radio, and a string of a 100 christmas lights on one, what would be considered by most, dead AA battery.

The device is seemingly simple, a typical wall power outlet and switch and an enclosed box which contains the devices inner workings. On the outside of the box, is a housing for two AA batteries, although, Evangelou has made other A/C Power Boxes with other battery configurations.

Helping him with the business aspects of his invention is Jim Ferry. Ferry recently moved to the Weaverville area after a career in international technology sales and marketing.

To demonstrate, Evanagelou was using several different items, such as typical LED bulbs with an A/C power adapter, a string of 100 christmas lights and a radio, which were connected to the box. Each of these items were connected to their own box, but to further demonstrate the versatility, Evangelou removed one of two batteries, which had no visible affect on the power output off the lights or in the function of the radio. Read more...

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