Impeachment: what is it and how does it work

Special to the Tribune

Weaverville – Are you confused about what’s going on at the United States Congress with impeachment investigations and hearings? Want to hear the history of this process? The Friends of the Weaverville Library will bring you some answers during a presentation on January 14, 7 pm at the Library Meeting Room.

Walter Foreheand, PhD, JD will present a program on federal impeachment, focusing on what the US Constitution says, and the historical basis, the process and possible outcomes of impeachment. He will discuss examples of impeachment in our history, including the notable presidential impeachments.

This is emphatically not a partisan presentation, but if it has an “axe to grind,” it is that understanding the process has been hampered by two factors: partisan interpretations of the process and the time between the present day and the writing of the Constitution, causing what was once clear to have become obscure.

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