Day In The Life Photos

By Clint Parker

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” is how the saying goes, and every year we ask you, our readers, to submit photos that tell the tale of living life in our community. You responded with many pictures for the contest. We have grouped these according to photographer and in no particular order. This week is the start of the photos from the contest but is by no means all. These pictures will all be judged by a panel of three people sometime after all the pictures run over the next several weeks. With that, the Tribune/Leader gives you photos from the 2019 Day in the Life contest.
Photographer Diane Meader Leibinger of Asheville sent us three entries taken with her Apple iPhone XS Max. First, one entitled “Goat Crossing” next “Yarn Proudly Displayed” and final “Inquisitive Goat” all photos were taken at Good Fibrations Farm in Barnardsville.
Jon Shaner, of Asheville, sent in the picture he took with this Sony A7 Mk. 3 at Rodney’s Auto Service in Weaverville. He calls it, “Waiting for motorcycle inspection.” 
Susan Weese of Weaverville submitted the picture called “Evening In Spring.”  It was taken with her iPhone.
A couple of our entries came from Brandon DeBruhl of Weaverville. Taken with his Canon T7i on the Jupiter Highway, he called one “Pardon me, Sir,” and the other “Out of Time.” 
Anna Gerhardt of Weaverville sent in three photos for the contest, all taken with her Canon PowerShot: “Spring at the Barn,” “Baby bottles,” and “A Girl and her Cow.” 
Copelan Higgins, a future BlackHawk, getting a closer view of his big brother, Caden, and the Varsity NB Baseball game. The photo was sent in by mom, Heather Higgins. No title or camera type was given. 
More photos from the contest will appear in next week’s issue.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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