Books, crafts provided to local school children

By Clint Parker

Weaverville – A large donation of children’s books were made to the Weaverville Primary and Elementary Schools to pass out to students during the lunch programs at the schools and through other means.

Librarian Jesse Figuera, of the Weaverville Branch of the Buncombe County Public Library, made stops at the Weaverville Primary and Elementary Schools on South Main Street last week, delivering the books and a bag of materials for the students. It will be up to the principals to distribute the books and bags in a safe manner.

So, where did Figuera get the 220 books to donate? The Friends of the Weaverville Library Group, who are opening a book store in the lower part of the library where the Dry Ridge Museum used to be, had a lot of children’s books that had been lying around since the bookstore had been unable to open during COVID-19’s Stay Home mandate. “They were all set to open on April 1st. They had been working really hard on the store and had it all set up and they had children’s books already on the shelves. So when the school closed…they voted unanimously to donate those books to the children in the community,” explained Figuera.

“It’s important right now to not encourage folks to come out of their houses for anything additional. We don’t want to say ‘Look we have a bunch of free books.’ So we’re going to give them to the Weaverville schools and they will distribute them as they see fit,” Figuera said.

Along with the books, Figuera also donated bags with crafts, crayons, pencils, scissors and daily journals for students to spend time creating. The money for the bags and their contents came from the library system.
Both Principal Stephen Chandler (Weaverville Primary) and Hedi Allison (Weaverville Elementary) were appreciative of the donations and planned to make the books available to students soon.

Figuera is asking for people with children’s books; that they are no longer using to pull them and set them aside to be donated to the bookstore at a later date. “We would like to be able to do a donate this size again if this continues. Either way, the Friends of the Library gave away what they had and they need to refill their shelves,” she said. “I’m so proud of our Friends of the Library group.”

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