BlackHawks look for help with field refurbishing project

By Clint Parker

NBHS – The North Buncombe High School Softball team is trying to raise money to redo the softball field, which is in desperate need of repairs.

Asked about the effort, North Buncombe Varsity Softball Coach Tiffani Ferguson said, “It’s a series of plans and the first step to the plans is to get the infield redone.” She explained the field had never been redone since it was built and that much of the dirt in the infield had been washed away. “We just continue to add dirt, and adding dirt is not going to fix the problem.”

Ferguson said a professional contractor has been hired to fix the problem and redo the field. She explained he was doing everything from removing grass, to laser leveling the ground, bringing in new dirt and compacting it, and fixing the drainage problem.

She explained that they are working with the school and booster’s club to get the funds, but much will depend on fundraisers and donations. The team’s first fundraiser is Thursday, February 28th from 5 pm – 8 pm at McDonald’s. A percentage of the restaurant’s sales will go to help with the softball field project.

Besides fundraisers, the team is also asking for donations from area residents and businesses. People and companies can donate by writing a check to the school and in the memo line make sure to write “to softball.”

“We’re just reaching out. Like here’s what’s going on. Here’s how we need help and if people want to help, we would absolutely love it and be so thankful for the help,” said Ferguson. The work will be ongoing through the season, which has already started and will not interfere with the team’s schedule.

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Clint Parker

Publisher & Editor Weaverville Tribune

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