A look at proposed mixed-use development

By Clint Parker

Weaverville – Last month, the Town Council of Weaverville got its first peek at a project that a developer wants to build at 20 and 30 Garrison Branch Road near Monticello Road. It was mentioned at the monthly meeting of the council, but no approval has been given. Here’s what the developer would like to build on the nearly five-acre tract.

The development, known as Garrison Reserve, and submitted by Civil Design Concepts under the name Garrison Branch Acquisitions LLC has requested a conditional zoning district that is allowed under the zone of the property. According to a Weaverville staff report on the project, the development “…calls for the establishment of a multi-tenant development of 25,000 square feet or more. Said development is permissible via a conditional zoning district from within the underlying C-2 zoning district.

The plan, as presently constituted, calls for a combination of office, retail, mini-warehousing and a proposed out parcel for a restaurant or drive-thru restaurant.”

According to records on file with the NC Secretary of State’s Office, Garrison Branch Acquisitions LLC’s managing member is Rhulon Fowler, who is also registered with two other developments (ALFIE Fifty Fifty, LLC and Weinman Glendale Acquisitions, LLC). According to the articles of organization, the organizing member was a Julie Claire Guest of Asheville.

A representative of Civil Design Concepts addressed the council and gave a brief presentation to the board saying, “We feel like this is a great site for this mix of uses. There are a number of different apartment and other commercial items that are in close proximity that we have connectivity to and use.” He then asked if there were any questions from the council.
Councilwoman Dottie Sherrill was the first to question the representative, asking him to clarify what he meant by mini-warehouse. “Is that like storage units,” she asked. “The intention, yes, a storage facility where people can go rent and use for that.” He added that the appearance of the storage building “would be in keeping with the architectural look” of the retail and office spaces.

Councilman Doug Jackson asked about any traffic studies that have been done about the impact of such a development on area traffic. “I have a concern with the amount of traffic that you’re going to [have] into the storage facility, the apartments there, and so forth.” The representative said that the storage facilities have a small parking area, but that it would be up to the NC Department of Transportation (DOT) to give them the final permit. “NC DOT needs to talk us through that.”

The council did not vote on this as it was the initial presentation of the development and still has to go in front of the planning and zoning board.

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