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Remember #22

School grieves for tragic loss

by James Matthews


The mood was somber at North Buncombe High School Tuesday (May 26). The news of the loss of a classmate and graduating senior has hit hard for many of the students and staff at the school. Chance Chasen Brown, 18, of Weaverville was killed just before 6 am Sunday morning (May 24).

NBHS Principal Jack Evans stated that “everyone is struggling. When you lose a member of your family, it’s hard. We have a very good crisis management group of counselors that’s working with both the students and the faculty and staff. My adults are always going to look after my kids, but somebody has got to look after the adults. They are doing the same growth and healing as the kids are.” Read more...


Last Week’s Headlines

Concealed carry talks continue

by James Matthews


The Weaverville Town Council addressed the concealed handgun issue and other issues during its monthly meeting, held Monday night (May 18).
Interim Town Manager Mike Morgan explained the issue. “In 2013, the general assembly made a change to where you can carry a concealed handgun. In our town ordinance for many years, we had it where you couldn’t carry it in this facility and carry into municipal buildings. But we also had it where you couldn’t carry into recreational areas. We had defined those recreational areas as Lake Louise, the Main Street Nature Park and the community center. Read more...




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