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This Week’s Headlines

Woodfin Water passes new budget

by James Matthews


The Woodfin Water Board passed its new budget for the upcoming fiscal year during its monthly meeting, June 15.
The fiscal year 2016 budget has seen some increase in rates and service fees. In-district monthly rates will increase .25 per month, as will Out-of-district rates. Noticeably, there will be a $50 increase to system reduction fees for new residential connections, a $50 increase to tap fee for residential properties and a $5 increase for any paving that needs to be done. Read more...

Last Week’s Headline

Town holds current tax rate, but...

by Clint Parker


After hearing from local residents for three hours during a public hearing about an ordinance regulating short-term rentals in Woodfin, the Board of Aldermen decided to form a task force to address the issue and moved on to other business.
The biggest issue on the board’s agenda for the rest of the evening was next year’s budget for the town. The 20152016 budget is just over $2.9 million with 47%, or nearly $1.4 million of the budget going to law enforcement. The next largest piece of the budget pie (21%) goes to environmental services, followed by administration (19%), then streets (9%), with the other 4% of the budget going to community outreach, parks & recreation and tax collection. Last year’s budget was about $2.8 million. Read more...




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