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This Week’s Headline

Building break in

by James Matthews


A building on Reems Creek Road was broken into Wednesday (November 19).

According to a Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the building, located near the intersection of Reems Creek and Ox Creek Roads, was broken into between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.


The report indicates that the perpetrator used bodily force to break through a glass window. Read more...


Last Week’s Headline

Gas: Why so high here

by James Matthews


Everybody knows that gas prices are headed down these days.
With the bottom falling out of the oil market and politicians discussing the Keystone Pipeline again, why are the prices of gas here locally so much higher? It’s the question a number of Weaverville and North Buncombe residents are asking.

Weaverville resident Mike Hammontree stated in an October 24 interview, “We’re not buying gasoline in Weaverville anymore because of the way they treat the local people,” citing the price difference as being outlandish. Read more...


I-26 Roll Over Wreck

July 15, 2014


Weaverville 4th Celebration


A CD with a complete set of pictures from the event is available from the Weaverville Tribune. Contact us at 828-252-5804





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